Centaur Fillis Peacock Stirrup Irons - 4"

Centaur Fillis Peacock Stirrup Irons - 4"

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Centaur Fillis Peacock Stirrup Irons

The versatile Centaur Fillis Peacock Stirrup Irons deliver the ultimate in durability and comfort in a classic style to perfectly accompany any English saddle.

Solid stainless steel with lost-wax cast construction guarantees a lifetime of rust-free dependability. Durable rubber tread pads provide comfort and stability for long hours in the saddle. The handy peacock leather loops hold durable rubber rings for a quick-release safety feature which prevents a rider's boot from being caught in the stirrup during an accident or fall.

Key Features

  • Solid Stainless Steel 
  • Durable Rubber Tread
  • Peacock Leather Loops
  • Durable Rubber Rings
  • Design Prevents Foot from Being Caught in Stirrup

Size: 4"

Condition: Used