MDC 4 3/4” Ultimate Stirrups
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Confirmed Seller

Bought used in great condition. Reselling after a few rides as I need a smaller size. 4 3/4” is considered the standard iron size, I just I have small feet! Otherwise I love the design. These stirrups are highly reviewed and my favorite part is the adjustable angle. Looking to get what I got them for. Patented MDC design allows riders to put their stirrup in the exact position for optimal riding. Shock absorbing sides reduce concussion and relieve pain in the ankle, knees, hips and back. Your MDC Ultimate Stirrups® greatly improve your ability to regain a lost stirrup.

MDC 4 3/4” Ultimate Stirrups

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5/ 5
  • Discipline : *All Purpose*
  • Condition : Excellent
  • Year : I don't know
  • Color : Grey
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