Herm Sprenger Original System 4-F Stirrups - 4.75"
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Herm Sprenger System 4 Stirrups feature four links allowing for movement in four directions at the same time, enabling immediate release in case of emergency.  The Herm Sprenger System 4 Stirrup also feature dual lateral flexibility, thereby softening the impact on your ligaments and joints.


Condition: Used - Very Good - Light dust on footbed, some wear on pads


Size: 4.75"


Note: due to rubber covering, stirrup is 1/4" smaller than the size given.

Herm Sprenger Original System 4-F Stirrups - 4.75"

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Sold out!
  • Discipline : Jumper/Hunter
  • Condition : Good
  • Color : Anthracite
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