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Nosebands – while not typically used for western bridles, they are used in many configurations for English bridles. A single band of leather around the nose is a cavesson, and when another strip is added that ties around the mouth under the horses chin it becomes a flash, a Grackle/Figure-8 bridle is like a flash but is a continuous piece from two points on the cheeks, a drop noseband which fastens much lower and has a similar effect to that of a flash, and a crank noseband, which is a thick padded nosepiece that does up with a long strap at the back that allows the rider to keep the horses mouth closed, if necessary. You’ll also see nosebands that are to be used for sensitive horses that don’t react well to the pressure bits create in their mouth, and instead use pressure across the nose, and may be used with or without a bit.

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